I Got a Message From Wordle

I think it’s trying to tell me something five letters at a time!

R.L. Morgan
3 min readMay 20, 2022
Image by Wokandapix from Pixabay

Fair warning to those of you reading, I have solved today’s Wordle and I’m going to tell you what it is. Yes, DAVID, I know I’m supposed to say “spoiler alert”. But really what I said was the same thing without those overused words, only one of which is five letters. Is it weird that Wordle is six letters?

If you’re reading this, you have probably also solved today’s Wordle. So, you should know, I think today’s Wordle was the start of a message meant for me.

And it didn’t start today! It was earlier this week on Monday when I started to think that something was up. The word was DELVE as you all know, but to get there most of us guessed ALIVE at some point. How could you not?

But just having the word be ALIVE would have given away too much. Instead, it was a path that we had to take to get there. A mystery to be solved, like how some people can say that they don’t like tacos, but will still go to happy hour at Taco Barn just because Jessica from accounting is going.

Seriously, taco is in the name and basically everything on the menu is a taco in a different form. Burrito, that’s just a taco in a bigger wrapper. Chimichanga, fried taco. Taquito? Please. Just admit that you’re going to ogle Jessica and drink Margaritas even though when your best friend asks if you want to go get tacos for lunch you say that you don’t like them. Whatever.

Back to Wordle and this message for me that started with Monday’s urgent plea to DELVE into what it could possibly mean. Just getting to that word took a path through ALIVE, ALIEN, and IDEAL. With the final answer (after only 4 guesses!) at DELVE. DELVE into what? Oh yes, Wordle I am ready to DELVE. But, where? Where is my quest oh thee five-letter gods?

Of course, I was then on Tuesday told that I was communicating with a BEING. What kind of BEING though? A sentient BEING to be sure, but from where? Space? Middle Earth? Fresno? Accounting? WHO KNOWS?

That’s when I really knew that I was on to something. I waited patiently for the next clue, but it didn’t come. There were two more days where the useless words…



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