Wordle, What Do You Want?

My soul, my money, my collectibles?

R.L. Morgan
2 min readMay 24, 2022
Image by Michal Jarmoluk from Pixabay

So, today’s Wordle is solved, and my quest continues. To catch you up, Wordle has been communicating to me through a series of clues. I feel that something nefarious is going on involving the Wordle gods.

I’ll explain, at some point I was directed on my quest by being directly called out in the Wordle answer. GAMER it clearly said, a call to action if I’ve ever eventually arrived at one through a series of unrelated clues. But what is this GAMER supposed to be doing, and with whom? Also, why?

And then came the enticement. My success HINGEd on solving the puzzle, and not just the daily Wordle puzzle, the larger Indiana-Jones type puzzle being thrown in my direction by the daily clues. And the reward MONEY.

And just when I couldn’t decide whether or not I was supposed to bring MONEY or supposed to expect to make MONEY, today’s answer came forward.

Now, before I reveal the answer and the next step on my quest I am reminded by Dave that I should say “spoiler alert”. I am also reminded that Wordle is a daily puzzle solved by millions of people and that it couldn’t possibly be a clue meant just for me.

Oh yeah… well, to that I say.


ALBUM! Seriously! Who, DAVID, do you know who has shelves full of ALBUMs? ALBUMS with trading cards, and ALBUMS with original receipts for collectibles, and ALBUMS with original movie posters. Huh? I’ll tell you who, GAMER, that’s who.

I even have an ALBUM of that time when we were in high school and met those two Canadian girls down by the lake. Do you remember that mister smarty pants? That’s what I thought.

So, anyway, Wordle is after my ALBUMS. Perhaps Wordle is not my ally on this quest.

I shall wait until tomorrow to decide.

This is a work of fiction and possibly humor. It’s a challenge I gave myself to write about the Wordle of the day as a writing prompt. Play along if you like.



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